Jenny Pennywood is a surface design company that focuses on locally made, small batch home textiles. Jenny Pennywood was founded by me, Jen Garrido.

I created Jenny Pennywood out of the desire to do design and commercial work as I didn’t want it to hinder my fine art path. That was back in 2008 and so many things have changed since then.

I’ve spent many years keeping these two parts of myself apart as I felt that I couldn’t visualize how Jen Garrido paintings fit with the home goods line of Jenny Pennywood.

As I move forward and expand my work, I just can’t keep them apart any longer … it just doesn’t make sense anymore. So the plan is to begin to bring Jen Garrido painting into the world of Jenny Pennywood. It will be a process and I hope that you will join me as I grow.

Visit JENNY PENNYWOOD to purchase limited edition art prints and original works on paper.